• Showcase style tournament
  • Each team will be scheduled for four (4) full length games (weather permitting*) on full regulation fields.
  • NO TIMEOUTS allowed. During an injury timeout, the clock will run.
  • Games will be two, 25 minute running halves, with a 5 minute half time.


  • 2018-ONLY 2018
  • 2019- ONLY 2019
  • 2020- ONLY 2020
  • OPEN- Any combination of 2018, 2019, & 2020 athletes
  • No 2021 athletes are allowed in this tournament. Teams who are found to have ineligible players will be banned from the tournament for 1 year.


  • 2018- 10/25
  • 2019- 10/26
  • 2020- 10/27
  • OPEN- 10/28

*All days open at 10 AM EST

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Inclement weather is out of the control of the tournament directors, officials, and site managers. In the event of thunder and/or lightning, all games will be suspended for 20 minutes from the last occurrence. Games will resume at their regularly schedule times. Cancelled games may not be rescheduled.  If weather disrupts scheduled games, Management has the authority to adjust the schedule as needed, including shortening games, adjusting the schedule, etc. In the event of extreme weather, it is up to the tournament directors, officials, and the site managers as to whether the conditions are deemed safe to play.  All decisions final.

No refunds will be issued for game cancellations, due to acts of God (i.e. rain, severe wind and/or thunder and lightning).