Disney has instituted new housing requirements for 2017.  The minimum room requirement in 2017 will be 12 rooms for two nights each OR 24 total room nights PER TEAM, not per club.

Anthony Travel’s website will only offer Disney properties until each team has met the eight rooms for two nights each/16 room nights minimum.  Once the team(s) has met the minimum at an on-site Disney property, Anthony Travel will offer access for the team to book the remaining four (4) rooms or more for two nights at either an on-site Disney property OR at an approved off-site non-Disney property.  Total number of rooms must meet the 12 rooms/24 room nights minimum.

No team is required to stay at both an on-site and off-site property.  Any team, wishing to do so, can simply book their entire team and families at an on-site Disney property.  Those teams that have some families wishing to stay outside of Disney can book additional rooms off-site once the team has met the initial Disney requirement.

Disney Property Minimum 16 room nights
Disney Property or APPROVED Non-Disney Property Remaining eight (8) room nights
Total room nights for compliance 24 total room nights

Teams will still have the opportunity to block multiple rooms at one time if they prefer as opposed to having families book individually.